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Great Article on Depression

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Mental Health and Faith

This is a great article by The Gospel Coalition on depression and anxiety. It’s written specifically for ministers, but the truths are relevant to all Christians. “The best counselors have themselves been in counseling. It’s how God works.” and ““Damaged” does not mean “ineffective.” It does not mean “done.”” remind us all that everything God has brought into our lives is for His glory and can be used to serve Him.  Often it’s felt to […]

THE Blessing

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Glimpses of Grace / Learning New Lessons / My Story

We are created with a need to be accepted, to belong and be loved and valued. Every human wants the blessing — an affirmation of worth, approval, a future, potential, acceptance. John Trent and Gary Smalley define The Blessing as “A life-changing gift of unconditional love and acceptance passed down from one generation to the next.” ( In scripture, we repeatedly see the Patriarchs from Abraham on giving the blessing God gave him to their […]

Kept from what?

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My Story

Of course the first thing that has to be explained is the title of this blog.  It comes from my life verse, written directly underneath the title -Jude 24 & 25. That is my story. Many years ago, God shined the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the young mind of this strange little girl. At 5 years old, I didn’t understand everything, but I thank God for the Sunday School teacher (I […]