Passion Week


Easter is my favorite holy day. I love Christmas, and the mindfulness of all that God had planned from eternity past, prophesied for centuries, God Himself actually coming into this earthly realm in the body of an infant is more than I can comprehend. But Christmas without Easter is not much of a story. Meditating on the events of the Passion Week and Resurrection always takes my soul to the awareness of my own sin, the  amazement at God’s outpouring of love, and then total exhilaration at the truth of what was accomplished in the death and resurrection. Hope, amazing and unbounded, fills me when I think of the empty tomb!

Alas, like so many people, I frequently find myself in the regular hum of daily life, wanting to know Him better, and finding instead that I have spent the day on my to-do list or the urgent instead of the important. So for me, Passion Week is a wonderful time to intentionally slow down and remind my soul of what it took to provide my salvation, as well as what bedrock truths are mine to claim in Jesus’ resurrection.

unnamedI have actually been on a Passion walk since February, following the Lenten calendar, though not all the Lenten traditions. It has been a very meaningful time of letting go of certain unnecessary things in my life – like regret, apathy, and spiritual self-protection – to grasp hold of the eternally valuable Jesus Christ Himself. If you are not familiar with the book “40 Days of Decrease” by Alicia Britt Chloe I highly recommend it!  Information is on Amazon here: 40 Days of Decrease 

However, what I would like to post here for the next 6 days are actually Passion Week thoughts I wrote a couple of years ago. So beginning Monday, I’ll offer these daily meditations in hope that you will allow time for each one to draw you to worship the Savior in prayer and praise, and help prepare you to remember and celebrate the great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ this Easter.

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