Kept from what?

Of course the first thing that has to be explained is the title of this blog.  It comes from my life verse, written directly underneath the title -Jude 24 & 25. That is my story.

Many years ago, God shined the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the young mind of this strange little girl. At 5 years old, I didn’t understand everything, but I thank God for the Sunday School teacher (I don’t even remember her name) who told me of the separation from God caused by my sin, and the death of Jesus on the cross to take the punishment I deserved, granting me forgiveness and eternal life with Him if I simply believe in Him and trust His grace. This much I understood, and accepted this free gift eagerly.

The rest of life wasn’t so easy. (My testimony will be shared on the About page.) But what I know now, 45 years later, is that through every trial, every rebellion, every dark and doubt-filled night, He never let go of me. It has been His grace that called me from the beginning and has kept me from abandoning my faith all these years. There were times. Times that I thought I had better just give up, He couldn’t possibly want me now.  Times so hard and dark I wondered if He had left. But as the story of my life is farther into the second half than the first now, I see His hand traced along every storyline, never leaving, never letting go, never stopping in His pursuit of my salvation, holiness, and relationship with Him.

And, only because of Jesus Christ can I have the certainty that some day I will stand before Him, blameless with great joy.  My life is certainly not blameless, but having accepted God’s gift of salvation through Christ, I know that His righteousness will be more than sufficient to bring me before Him on that day when I finally get to see my maker face to face. Yes, great joy!

So that’s it, a reminder to myself that no matter how bad things seem to be, or even how well I feel that I must be doing in my Christian walk on any given day — He is the one who has kept and is keeping me from stumbling.

All glory and praise to Him!

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