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Who’s Telling The Story?

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Learning New Lessons / My Story

When “Pirates of the Caribbean” came out years ago we watched it with our kids. I wasn’t initially enamored with the character Johnny Depp played – the notorious “Captain Jack Sparrow” – but eventually could enjoy parts of the film. One scene in particular must have struck a chord for our kids. Two misfit pirates were arguing, or explaining something to another pirate. Of course they each want to be the hero of their tale, […]

THE Blessing

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Glimpses of Grace / Learning New Lessons / My Story

We are created with a need to be accepted, to belong and be loved and valued. Every human wants the blessing — an affirmation of worth, approval, a future, potential, acceptance. John Trent and Gary Smalley define The Blessing as “A life-changing gift of unconditional love and acceptance passed down from one generation to the next.” ( In scripture, we repeatedly see the Patriarchs from Abraham on giving the blessing God gave him to their […]

Kept from what?

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My Story

Of course the first thing that has to be explained is the title of this blog.  It comes from my life verse, written directly underneath the title -Jude 24 & 25. That is my story. Many years ago, God shined the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the young mind of this strange little girl. At 5 years old, I didn’t understand everything, but I thank God for the Sunday School teacher (I […]